Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mushing photos

In "year's start"- text there weren't mushing photos, so there are some photos freom trainings.

Vuoden ensimmäisessä tekstissä ei ollut yhtään vetokuvaa, joten tässäpä muutama.
Beautiful training day

After training, Sepe and Sola leaded team this time, Geea and Witsi in swing
Sepe waits water after training


Sola relaxing

Mushing first time with new sled, Yepla and Sepe in wheel

To lake

Training without trail
and with trail

back to home after sled trip on lake

Pause before road: Geea and Sola in lead, Witsi & Siina, Taiku & Kaima, Sepe & Yepla
Over road, Taiku wants go faster

Over road 2

Up to sky? or hill

Home road

Sepe, the snow dog

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