Friday, 16 October 2015

Summer photos 2/2

More photos from summer 2015...

Lisää kuvia kuluneelta kesältä 2015....

Morning in running yard.  Fanta, Sola, Geea, Taiku, Siina, Nome and Yepla.
Other morning, Siina, Sepe, Sola and Kaima (Geea behind)
Fanta, Taiku, Sepe and Kaima
Sola has fun after swim.
Sola, Nome, Geea, Siina and Fanta in Antti's fence.
Sisters Siina and Sola
and brother Sepe
Evening in running yard: Sepe, Siina and Taiku

Sepe swim in Antti's pond
Hot day: Geea, Nome and Yepla in running yard.

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