Friday, 4 November 2011

October photos

1.10 Nome, Uwa and Siina look landscapes in Meiko
1.10 Uwa, Nome and Siina hiking in Meiko
1.10 Uwa & Siina and some old bunker.
1.10 Drinking pause
1.10 Uwanga and Meiko lake.
1.10 Siina, Uwa & Nome
25.10 Mushing & Stop-training
25.10 Mushing. Sepe & Taiku in wheel, Kaima & Yepla front of them.
25.10 Yepla & Kaima, soon three years old girls.
25.10 Yepla
10.10 One rainy day Kaima played indoors. Neighbours children gave their old toys to our dogs. Exspecially young pack members like to play with them.

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